Here are some examples of my most recent assignments, not forgetting parts of the history:

  • Delivering a keynote and moderating a panel discussion on Nordic and Baltic audiovisual incentives for participants at TV Drama Vision of Göteborg International Film Festival in 2020. See the results of the study and watch the panel discussion.
  • Discussing the golden period of Nordic TV drama and formatting stories with Script Consultant Ossi Nishri, at EAVE Impact one-to-one in November 2019. Watch our conversation.
  • Delivering a keynote at an industry seminar in the Eye Museum at Amsterdam (December 2019), organized by Netherlands Film Fund, on measures taken to strengthen the position of children’s films in the Nordic countries. Read the presentation .
  • All in all, at Nordisk Film & TV Fond I have given green light to the funding of over 250 Nordic films and TV drama series. These series include Ride Upon The Storm, DNA and When The Dust Settles (Denmark), Paradise (Finland), Trapped (Iceland), Occupied and Nobel (Norway), Restaurant and Thicker Than Water (Sweden).
  • Pulling out some of the highlights of my early career at YLE, I have to mention the acquisition of a legendary series, Teletubbies, the joy of Finnish toddlers and elders alike! Another landmark was the youth drama series, Laura, that I commissioned in 2002. It ran for three seasons, won the Nordic youth audience award and was sold to 7 territories.
  • I take great pride of my time as a partner of publishing house Hard & Pet in 1990s and curating the Sarjakuvastin group – working with young comics artists like Matti Hagelberg, Kati Kovács, Katja Tukiainen, Roju, Jii Roikonen and several others.

The photo at the top of the page by Torleif Hauge